Manchester Mini Maker Faire. Pi-fun + 4!

“Brilliant! When’s the next one? Can we come again?”

Mini Maker Faire at MOSI has left a lasting impression on us all.  For these next generation digital creators it was an opportunity to explore a whole new range of challenges and build on what they knew already.  And to get excited.  And to be inspired.  And for one, a first visit to Manchester.


The Choc yielding Pi bunny

Armed with questions to ask like “Can we have a go? What’s happening?  How’s it doing that?  What’s making it do that?  How can we do that?” they set off to test as many challenges as possible!


Mesmerised by water effects from Leeds Hack Space


A little bit naughty-o-meter?


Operation concentration – the only silent part of the day!

A lasting impression on us all?

I got the biggest insight into young creative minds and how computational thinking can shape planning and engagement on the journey home.  Take three 8 year olds to a Maker Faire and then challenge them with a real life situation.  Sit back, listen and learn.

This time a fairly open question about data and how to visualise it in a meaningful and creative way.

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